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Children Come First

In El Dorado County, children come first. School districts and the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) maximize resources with the commitment to recruiting innovative educators, building better schools, and developing stronger partnerships with government, private industry, community-based organizations, non-profits, and small businesses. The County is home to 15 school districts, two community colleges, and a variety of county-wide programs that generate jobs for more than 6,000 employees.

El Dorado County Schools and Students Achieve

El Dorado County educators work tirelessly to develop students into lifelong learners. Administrators and teachers throughout the County collaborate and share best practices regularly to ensure a continuation of improvement and achievement. Teachers focus on academic success in areas such as English and Language Arts while also empowering individuals through career technical education and alternative learning programs to meet every student’s needs. In doing so, El Dorado County students thrive. For example, our average County high school graduation rate is consistently almost 10% higher than the state’s (2013-14 school year: CA=85%, El Dorado County=92%). In the 2014-15 SAT Test Report, 44.3% of California students scored higher than 1,500, while 66.95% of El Dorado County’s students scored higher than 1,500. Our high school seniors plan for the future, and 65% of these young adults took at least one Advanced Placement exam in 2014-15. In the last three years, nine of our schools received the Gold Ribbon Award, and one received the nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School in 2017. This positive momentum carries beyond high school when we send our best and brightest individuals to first-class institutions such as U.C. Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Diego; Stanford, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, and Yale Universities; and the United States Naval and Air Force Academies.

2016/17 Student Count

Black Oak Mine UnifiedK-121,253
Buckeye UnionK-85,216
Camino UnionK-8503
El Dorado Union High School9-126,649
Gold Oak UnionK-8476
Gold Trail UnionK-8685
Indian DiggingsK-817
Lake Tahoe UnifiedK-123,951
Mother Lode UnionK-81,085
Placerville UnionK-81,293
Pollock PinesK-8687
Rescue UnionK-83,720
Silver ForkK-811
EDCOE Student ProgramsK-121,029